Child Piano Lesson

Read the testimonials of some of our students’ parents and our adult students. Kristen Piano Studio offers piano lessons from ages 3 1/2 years and up. Register today for a free trial.

“We both love Rosita she is a perfect match for Mekhi”Antoinette T.
“Kristen is so patient with my young daughter and makes piano fun!”Krista T.
“Charlotte IS really enjoying piano [with Kristen]. She practices completely unprompted most days!”Jacque
“We had our first lesson with Kristen and she was amazing! She has a variety of games she does with the kids keeping them very entertained. The kids have fun while learning. The kids both learned a song on their first lesson! She is GREAT!”Jennifer
“Our young son is connecting very well with Harrison which is helping to keep him [our son] engaged , we are so glad it is working out so well”Richard C.
“We really like Mr Farshad a lot, and he’s a good teacher, very kind and patient.”Shruti B.
“Although Kristen specializes in teaching kids, she also is a great teacher for adult piano learners. We meet weekly for about 30 minutes. 30 minutes seems short, but it is actually quite adequate for a beginning piano player. I am impressed and glad I found Kristen. I look forward to continuing learning with her.”Cynthia